Saturday, May 14, 2011

who is supposed to tell me

well sorry blog, life's business, tasks even bliss take you away from me.
blame 'em.

okay so this is the many-eth time i dumped my bf over.
yes, that same boyfriend since the first of my story begin. he, that same guy.
that same guy makes me laugh then cry.
makes me love then leave.

well that's not the problem.
at some points everybody has to face it anyway.
the problem indeed, is,
this breaking up scene has been some kind of habit to me.
we go through something, i don't like it, i mad, we mad, i gone mad, thinking better off is without him, become sure of it,then break up.
and then i become lonely, wish he was here, text him, pick up his call,then make up.
this become like some kind of a painful goddamn cycle to me -to both of us.

"When you are single all you see is happy couples.
When you are in a relationship all you see is happy single people"


and i was like "Damn, it's true!"