Friday, November 30, 2012

Fajar Merekah (Bagian 2)

so it's that mighty-been-waited-all-year-long movie. For most people, but not for me. Breaking Dawn, the tetralogy has been amazing as a movie (I don't read the book) and I've more or less watched the four of them. But it's just movies for me and I'm not somewhat a fan of watching a blood-sucking creature make love to a pale young lady. 

Anyways, I've just watched the 2nd part of Breaking Dawn (as has more than half of the population). Just as like any other fantasy movies which were derived from something-inch thick of a novel, I feel the movie is lacking of details. So many hows and whys that can't be answered by watching the movie alone. 

So, visually, the movie is pampering for the eye. The casts, the sights, all for me was okay. Emotionally, it's kind of dry for me. Everything's on the surface. Maybe it's because of the lacking of narration, which can't be done in movies as much as it's on books.

Bella is the now strongest in the family.

And, I don't know about the book but there's this scene when The Volturi comes for The Cullens and Edward&Bella's daugther which they presumed to be an immortal child. An immortal child is a vampire child, which is dangerous because they would be forever a child and thus can't control their lust for blood. So an immortal child is against the law and they must be killed. And this scene is when Alice come out of the blue after days of wandering, and show Aro her vision about the child. She says that the child wasn't an immortal one and is no threat to them. Then Alice stopped, realize that it wouldn't even matter. Aro won't listen. 

Then, there is this fucking battle. Jasper was killed, Emmet was killed. Jane was killed. Both Russian vampires are killed. Some werewolves were killed. Numerous of characters were killed. Aro himself was killed. At that point I thought of Stephanie Mayer, the author, "damn, I've never seen an author with so little attachment to her fiction characters." Usually, killing certain character would be such a grief to the author, I believed. 

Then again, Stephanie Mayer is just like the rest (fiction authors). Apparently, it was all, all the battle, all the killling, was all in Alice's vision, showed to Aro.  After seeing his death on the vision, Aro terminate the Volturi's assault and no one is even harmed a little. 

And I was like ............ what the fuck.

That useless emotion I feel when I pity those vampires. That useless mourning on those cutie werewolves! That useless joy to watch Aro died. It never happened.

Anyways, the movie was great if you know the preceding stories. It provide a good and conclusive ending too. conclusive, yeah. Some movies were just so damn inconclusive, this post.

Yeah, that sucks. I

Sunday, November 4, 2012


life's a journey.
stop and navigate for a while to see where you are,
before you got lost too far.

tonight, I want to give thanks (with a grateful heaaart) for who I am, for who I'm not, for what makes me who I am, for what makes me who I'm not.

I am a girl, God thanks for that!
I'm a daughter in a happy little family, which, no matter how old I am as a person I'm always their little girl and I'm grateful for that!
I am not a smoker or drug user nor dealer thanks for that!
I am a student majoring in Psychology, even though it sucks sometimes but knowing everything could've been worse, thanks for that too.
I am a commuter, which kills my sanity sometimes but being alive and well until now, why should I complain?
I am not Bry's girlfriend anymore and it leaves a big hole somewhere inside but thanks God even just for the opportunity to ever have one of the finest and kind-est guy ever!
I am not the republic's president (?!), instead I am a carefree college student with plenty of time to play, to sleep, to sit and do nothing, thanks God for that!
I am not a cockroach, I don't live in a nasty kitchen thanks for that.
I am not an intellect with a hollistic and coherent path of thinking, which slowly interfering with my academical effort to look smart, lol to that, but anyways thanks for that, too! Life's good with that.
At last, I am twenty, which sucks as hell yeaaahhh and I'm still thinking of ways to find something to give thanks out of that.
But thanks God I'm still given the chance for that.

Okay my post is incoherent (again) but at least that is consistent with my viewbof self.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

hours to existence

counting down to one's birthday is a sign of ineffectiveness as a person.
yet I'm doing it right now, what am I doing with my life staying up?
normally I spend the celebration of the first hours of my existence asleep.
carefree, or should I say careless. whatever.
I should've been reflecting, writing, meditating, navigating, blah blah blah but most of all I need to be myself more and more intact each and every day so ----


will write something more meaningful tomorrow, lol. let's see.