Wednesday, February 29, 2012

..just for once in a while

it's February the 29th!
dunno why I should get that excited.

well things have been tough these times.
if I had time to post so intensely, like 4 posts a week, then something's wrong with me. haha.
I've been lazy when everything is right.
maybe that left me with nothing to write.
but now that something's wrong,
I finally could find something that may sound.
well as mere human I'd like my life to be perfect.
all rainbows and butterflies, waking up to roses and the chirping of the birds,
feel the morning breeze upon the perfect skin, get dressed with the finest,
a guy with deep brown eyes to drag you around every corner you needed to be,
just, flawless.
but I've learned that perfect is not healthy. nope.

rainbows and butterflies, they get you nowhere.
they left you stare, amazed with their beauty, and waking up the other day still being the one mesmerized.
no. we just can't sit there and watch the butterflies hover around the flowers.
now that the butterflies are gone, excuse me I've got some flying to do.

yes, and I'm talking to myself.

Monday, February 20, 2012


admit it.
I complicate your life,
you simplify mine.

but in the end,
in the end we don't like what we become,
after all this time.
so it's gonna be just a lesson to learn,
come and go.

now both of us,
let us go back to where we belong.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

my happy ending

if it doesn't last,
then let me hold you for one additional minute
and if it doesn't meant to be,
something else is.

maybe not tonight,
but someday I'll be alright.

like a warrior we fought our battle,
first it's us against all odds then it's you against me
eventually we realize we never fought on the same side
for the same thing

if something's gotta end let it be not our lives,
let it be the war

we, we are blessed with such an ending, a happy ending.
you, you are my happy ending.