Thursday, August 23, 2012

call me foolish: just got to write

They said,
"wise men speak because they have something to speak, foolish men speak because they have to speak something"

by that means, it's safe to call me foolish because I just have to write something.
I practically have pretty much nothing to say (or, to write)
it's just an extremely boring class, and if there's something amusing enough to make the rest of the day far from a prolonged boredom the class may caused, it's got to be writing. at least for me.
well is it safe to call myself a writer?
far to that I am.
I just like to write.
Heaven knows how much I'd like to be a writer, having me name on top of the title,
one whole page full of testimonies from sophisticated first readers, and all those literature stuffs,
I aim for that since my elementary school days and still didn't make it to half of my first book.

Believe me, I keep punishing myself in my mind for that.
There's no writer without discipline and determination. There's no Ronald Weasley as we know now without discipline and determination. There's no (name your favorite fictional character) without discipline and determination. haha
so that's me and my fondness of the beauty of words,

just a determination away from being a writer.

Friday, August 10, 2012

head fights

"I don't love you and it's as true as reality." wish.

"Not hard for me to live a fiction." assume.

"A good liar knows how to believe in her own lies."'re not a good liar

"I don't care" son of a bitch.

Monday, August 6, 2012

dear blog

dear blog (some kind of modern version of dear diary, I suppose)

How have you been?
Do you feel lonely without my babbling?
Are you okay with the idea that I finally have a life again in my reality realms
so I might have to abandon you -again?
Yes, I found life in the hectic-ness of college, in the tiring-ness of commuting over city and province every working day.
No, I don't feel okay to have to left you and other things that matters out.
Okay, I don't have to.
I just couldn't stand having such multiple roles that aren't connected to each other enough.
I was overwhelmed.
I couldn't make the time for every thing.
Most of all matters, I didn't feel like I have to.
Promise you (and every other little things) that I wouldn't let myself get swallowed again that easily.
I kinda know better now. That bigger things don't always mean they matter the most.
Sometimes it's the tiniest things that makes you smile from your heart.
And those little things matters.