Thursday, December 31, 2009

this old new year thing

I've been busy replying New Year greeting from all over the world,

stillcan't even find any single reason why in the world should I do that.

and, due to my current facebook status that's sayin

. .what's new year but a time to find the world a year older but not even an hour better, time to find yourself fail another 'new year resolution' you've been hanging on a tree, time to find everything's as lame as it used to be back then just like last year and the years before. .

they should realize earlier that they greet the wrong person.

yeah for short i never care bout all this cheap trumpet, fireworks and countdown thingy.
it drives me crazy every year to find this rotating planet a lil more obsolate than before, to find myself living in it for free jz to make it suffer a lil more, to find myself gazing at a piece of paper i wrote exactly a year ago that's sayin what i should've been doing before the calendar reaches its last page again.

this old new year thing,
got me choked on the neck,
drown me all over with regrets,
cz i waste everything i have n never realize it 'till it's gone.

this year i hv already turn 17,
and I MISS my childhood.
and if i look behind me in the timeline,
i can't even find anything worth the time that's given.
regrets r always useless, but the attempt to forget it is as useless as regretting itself.
so what should i do?

every new year with another old regrets.
wishing so bad to turn back time.
to correct all those mistakes.
to do better.
mayb i can try to do better,

, next year.

yeah, that's the problem.
next year won't be better.

no, I mean,

this would be the last post for this year cz a few hours from now,
it's no longer 2009.

regretfully but optimistly,
Welcome, 2010.

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