Monday, June 13, 2011

Do You Remember?

do you remember?
at first our relationship is so dysfunctional.
i swore that i'll never love you, which turned out to be the biggest lie ever told.

do you remember?
everybody thinks and says we are so different.
but, like magnets with different pole, we can't resist but to stick together.

do you remember?
people said i was wrong,
but now i realize i have to be wrong in their eyes sometimes to get what's worth.

do you remember?
i was a quite a mess,
proud of my doubt of love,
but you never give up on me.

do you remember?
i cried and cursed at you,
but you took my hand and never let go.

do you remember?
you made me cry,
then you made me laugh, as I'm the happiest person alive.

do you remember?
all the things that we've been through,

all the wishes we whisper in prayer,
will you remember?


  1. hi, slam knal
    btw, postingan terbaru ya, bahasanya puitis bgt
    blog kmu keren jg

  2. yeahhh..
    i can't forget all we did together,
    when we were pass all the things together.

    when we laugh,cried,we've many different,
    but till now we still always together because a very strong feeling of love between the two of us.

    I hope what we've done together until now can we keep until we are in heaven for eternal life and happiness.

    i will never give up and never let you go,
    i promise.


  3. hihihihi


    I love you so much, too :) :)