Sunday, November 4, 2012


life's a journey.
stop and navigate for a while to see where you are,
before you got lost too far.

tonight, I want to give thanks (with a grateful heaaart) for who I am, for who I'm not, for what makes me who I am, for what makes me who I'm not.

I am a girl, God thanks for that!
I'm a daughter in a happy little family, which, no matter how old I am as a person I'm always their little girl and I'm grateful for that!
I am not a smoker or drug user nor dealer thanks for that!
I am a student majoring in Psychology, even though it sucks sometimes but knowing everything could've been worse, thanks for that too.
I am a commuter, which kills my sanity sometimes but being alive and well until now, why should I complain?
I am not Bry's girlfriend anymore and it leaves a big hole somewhere inside but thanks God even just for the opportunity to ever have one of the finest and kind-est guy ever!
I am not the republic's president (?!), instead I am a carefree college student with plenty of time to play, to sleep, to sit and do nothing, thanks God for that!
I am not a cockroach, I don't live in a nasty kitchen thanks for that.
I am not an intellect with a hollistic and coherent path of thinking, which slowly interfering with my academical effort to look smart, lol to that, but anyways thanks for that, too! Life's good with that.
At last, I am twenty, which sucks as hell yeaaahhh and I'm still thinking of ways to find something to give thanks out of that.
But thanks God I'm still given the chance for that.

Okay my post is incoherent (again) but at least that is consistent with my viewbof self.

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