Sunday, January 24, 2010

a thing or two about distance

actually there's so much things to tell y'all,
but i can barely remember 'em all.
but most of all, i'm not in the mood of recalling those things.

as for now,
the feeling i'm feeling is something normally abnormal,
it's something you'd probably feel when after a few weeks you can at last meet ur families and hometown friends,
you must let yourself go. away.
2242 km away.

today is my FIRST day at Manado again,
after i arrived exactly at midnight.
at a glance, everything's perfectly normal, i'm used to it anyway.
FAR AWAY FROM HOME, is where i belong anyway.
so i stepped off the aircraft, look around the Sam Ratulangi Airport, still exactly the same as when i left nearly a month ago.
and this first sight represent perfectly where I AM NOW and where I WILL BE for a couple of years to come.

i could instantly mention the things i've already miss by now,
like the green public transportation, the light rain in the afternoons, the Bossanova music we're used to listen at home in the mornings, those random conversations in the car as we drive back home from curch,
and there's many other things.

this first morning when i crawl into my bed,
i've been thinking about what's happening inside my head.
and i tried to find some reasons i can still be thankful,
and i found it.

that, fairly,,
there're things i've been missing, too.
things i can only find here, in Manado.
my strict dorm life (hey, I SWEAR I MISS IT, lolz), a tricky afternoon sneaking out of the scool gate, dining's foods (jz some of them, haha), evening heart-warming chat at Lp. Sparta, Tikala with and only with ****. lolliez.
and there're more.

and as i write this, a smooth rain began to wet the basketball yard, reminds me of those afternoons back in my hometown,
and as i plan to live a better and happier life here as a compensation of being far away from those things i miss (yeah, i know that those thing are not rly related), i can see and realize,
that things around me,
good or bad,
great or small,
are things i need the most.

and if i open my mind wide,
(maybe) DISTANCE,
is rly not a reason i can't have something anymore.
the afternoon rains, the home morning musics and all those things are still mine, stored in my head and live in my memory.
and if i open both eyes and arms wide,
(maybe) DISTANCE,
is not that bad at all :)

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