Thursday, July 1, 2010

. . my absence . .

hey there.
so i assume u notice my absence this few months. lolz. (sok penting banget gw wkwk)
even i can't believe that i could make it through, months without even a post!

so here goes the story.
in a quiet evening, with no sign of chaos, everything was peaceful and well.
suddenly some1 who had been using my laptop from the day before knock the dormitory door, reluctantly, i can tell.
and yea she said shrilly -no doubt- that my laptop is not working anymore.
idk what's wrong, and now my dad has even replace the motherboard with the new one,
it worked for a few days and then it's not anymore.
so that's the reason for my absence.
and that's it.
i'm not in the mood of writing now.
mayb later i'll edit this one


(post ga berguna wkwk)