Friday, July 23, 2010


..i'm telling u that what i'm trying to say is as clear as what u will read, that i rly swear i rly miss u.
like i mean it.
like i rly rly mean it.

and, you know what,
i miss u is not the same as i rly miss u.
no, it's soooo practically, fundamentally and miserably DIFFERENT.
and when i said i rly miss u, it doesn't mean i miss u. no.
what i mean is what i said and it's I RLY MISS U.
what i mean is what u heard and it's I RLY MISS U.

okaaayy i know this is too much,
at first i didn't know that this kinda feeling rly exist.
come on, it's jz for the beauty of words, i should've told myself at that kinda time.
but that was before i met u.

before i met u,

2242 km never been this hard.
rly hard.
and rly hard means rly hard. not hard.
what i mean is what i said, and yeah i'm sure u've heard it all before



  1. is it a poem?? wew nice :)

  2. jarak sekian kilometer itu sepertinya sumatera - jawa?

  3. @ shinta,
    well, I dare you to classify, lol I'm not sure about what type of writing is this,
    as for now I'll consider it as a prose =))

    @ andyan,
    wrong ;)
    it's Sulawesi =)